MST Lifelike Sound System  


Quick & Easy - Music Staging Technology - Speaker Upgrade

Complete front stage upgrade system designed to fit most vehicles in the market.
MST-O2FHCS Music Staging Technology System

  • MST-02F 2” Six-Octave+ Hybrid mid-tweeter dash or door location.
  • MST-1SM Stage Manager System control unit
  • MST-6HC Cast front door mount 6.5” honey comb mid-bass woofer

Easy and amazing:
With this system majority of vehicle owners can enjoy MST- Music Staging Technology a true seamless sound stage directly in front of them, up above the dash. A stereo image and a soundstage in their vehicle that is just as deep, wide, and up right in front of driver and passenger. As stable as they are accustomed to at a live concert or from serious high-end home audio speakers.

The impact of the CDT Audio MST- Music Staging Technology system is immediately obvious – the voices and instruments appear to magically take shape in a seamless sound stage directly ahead over the dash. The MST system creates a listening experience that is much more “lifelike. Like the experience of attending the live event – the musicians and sound sources seem to be arrayed in front of you as if you were sitting at the live concert, first row.
You will experience a more overall detailed sound and staging up high above the dash, more open and clear vocals, snappier and tighter mid-bass response and more. You wire the MST system directly to your stock head unit amplifier or aftermarket amplifier. The system ships with Stage Manager system control unit so you can gradually raise the sound stage and make a perfect blend between the dash and door speakers.

MST-O2FHCS Music Staging Technology System

  • Moves the image the image up and outward as if the sound is out on your hood.
  • Improves bass impact and transients.
  • Enlivens and opens up the vocals. 
  • Enhances the center image on solos and improve clarity and realism.
  • Expands the spaciousness of your music reproduction.
Price (incl. warranty)

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100% customer satisfaction, try the system for 30 days if it does not deliver the experience you expect,
send it back (in original packaging) for a full refund excluding $13.00 freight out.