MST-O2PS Lifelike Music System

If your listening tastes are for superior staging and imaging and midrange detail with a sweet and smooth upper tweeter sound, this system provide ultra high staging and optimum extended range and wider frequency range than any other system on the market.The MST system enables you to make your car audio truly sound lifelike.

We have engineered new components and system designs that more closely replicate the live music sensation: staging, depth, dimension, and recreating the sheer size of the musical performance.

We have discovered how the use of special frequency range accent drivers that produce a sound range, greater than six octaves, that expands the front sound stage to where it sounds as if the musicians are performing in front of you, out on your hood.

This lifelike sound effect is due to the benefit of uniform phase integrity of a single driver covering such a wide frequency bandwidth. This helps to preserve the pace and timing of the original source.

The heart of MST is the unique Stage Manager control unit. It lets you dial in the right amount of staging accent via the Six-Octave+ accent driver. The end result is simply the most effective musical imaging system available today.

MST-O2PS Improves your main existing sound system in these ways:

  • Experience high-sound stage and lifelike music reproduction.
  • Improves bass impact and transients. 
  • Enlivens and opens up the vocals
  • Enhances the center soloist image clarity and imaging.
  • Expands the spaciousness of your music reproduction.
Price (incl. warranty)

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100% customer satisfaction, try the system for 30 days if it does not deliver the experience you expect,
send it back (in original packaging) for a full refund excluding $13.00 freight out.